The Residency Program is hosted by artist Amanda Cassingham from her home in New Orleans, Louisiana. During their residency, artists participate in collaborative projects and actions involving art in every day life, as well as exploring their relationship with their current landscape and community. Artists in Residence will also collaborate with 723 Louisa Street in sending mail correspondences with other Resident Applicants.

A daily Pre-flection Breakfast is provided by the Residency Program, as well as guidance and misguidance in navigating the landscape of New Orleans as a visiting artist. Travel costs are the responsibility of the traveling artist. A marginal tuition is required for the program, however generous scholarship is available under most circumstances. Participants may also be interested in creating or bringing work for a show during The 723 Louisa Street Digest's monthly openings which occur every second Saturday of the month. Interested applicants should download the form on the application page. For more information about The 723 Louisa Street Digest, see

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